Strategy based on insights

Efficient communication requires deep insights. That’s why we always start by getting to know your business, your customers and your markets . Once we have all that in place, we’re ready to help you bring your product’s story to life with a compelling vision and strategy.

Four important strategy insights:

1. Know your existing customers

How well do you really know your customers? When we conduct surveys and in-depth interviews with our clients’ customers, we often discover surprising new things that our clients didn’t know about. The better you know your customers, the easier it is to communicate with them. Based on research and interviews, we create personas that make the customers behind the statistics come to life. With a range of personas in mind it, is easier to create communication that attracts the right customers and the best leads.

2. Know your future customers

Most companies have a pretty good idea about who their existing customers are. But markets change rapidly, and so do your customers’ expectations. Based on customer interviews, marketing analysis, and a look at your competitors, we help you to anticipate your customers’ future needs and behaviors. Getting to know your future customers is a vital part of your marketing strategy.

3. Identify the best spot on the market

Who are your current competitors? What advantages do they have? Why should your customers choose your company instead of them? Looking at your competitors is essential for positioning your company. With a thorough analysis of your competitors, and the wider market, we help you to identify the best position on the market for your company.

4. Sometimes your brand needs a transformation

How well do your current vision, brand values and communication align with your target audience and your buisness goals? As your business grows and develops with new offerings, new target groups will emerge. New players on the market can also be a challenge for your brand that mean you need to think in new ways. With a thorough market- and target audience-analysis we help you to find the best way forward.

Some of our services in strategy and insights:

  • New insights – workshop facilitation
  • Communication platforms
  • Digital media platforms
  • In-depth interviews
  • Desk top market analysis
  • Positioning
  • Brand story and tonality
  • Brand promise and brand values
  • Vision and mission
  • Brand transformation-strategy

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