LK Precision

From pieces of metal to NASA’s space program

With cutting-edge technology in the field of advanced machining, LK Precision helps its customers to make innovations reality. As the company expanded internationally, it needed to raise its brand to attract new target groups and increase recruitment. After extensive insight and strategy work, we developed a new brand platform and a plan for employer branding. With a changed perspective on what LK Precision actually contributes, the perception of the brand has changed in a short time internally and externally.

Brand platform

With a new brand platform, we laid the foundations for LK Precision’s journey from a small niche manufacturer to an international innovator and product developer.

Offshore campaign

LK Precision ensures that the offshore industry’s products maintain the standards they need to in the harshest of environments. With targeted advertising in social media, we helped LK Precision to find new customers in the sector.

Employer branding

People who apply for jobs at LK Precision, tend to love technology but hate writing CVs. We took this into account when we developed LK Precision’s employer branding strategy.

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