Tough competition for donors requires clear messages that resonate

ECPAT works to stop child sexual abuse. When such an organization asks for help with its external communication,  it’s an honor to help. Among other things, we have helped ECPAT with an inspiring and communicative printed annual report, films, and several successful campaigns on social media.

Christmas campaign: stop online shopping with children

Children are bought and sold online like any other commodity and buying a child is often no more than a click away. In last year’s Christmas campaign, we helped ECPAT to #stop online trading with children.

Stop the exploitation of children online

Online child images that are cut and placed in a different context can be used by people with a sexual interest in children. It happens often. And are the pictures are not illegal. In a social media campaign, we helped ECPAT to #stopexploitation.

Annual report

Forget numbers, statistics and results. An annual report can also convey softer values and be an important brand carrier. Our annual report for ECPAT was nominated for ”Report of the year in the non-profit sector”.

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